We offer the following services at our practice:
· Comprehensive examinations (including oral cancer screening) and treatment plans
· Low radiation dose digital x-rays
· Routine dental cleanings
· Dental implants
· Invisalign® (clear removable braces)
· Fillings
· Bonding
· Deep scaling and root planning
· Laser disinfection of periodontal pockets
· Dental bridges
· Night-guards

We use the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry to optimize your dental experience, comfort and ensure long-term successful outcomes. We have a commitment to those procedures and technologies that have stood the test of time. We want to maintain a long-term relationship with you and we believe in providing you with the tried and true techniques that are in your best interest.

New Patient Information Form

Download our New Patient Information Form (PDF) You can save time in our office by downloading and printing this form. Once you complete the information, please bring it in with you to your appointment, or fax it to us at 650-323-5013.